About FEC

Family EnrichmentFEC-FINAL NEW
Empowering Families & Preventing Child Abuse

Family Enrichment Center was founded in 1977 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, by a small group of concerned citizens who wanted to raise community awareness and prevent child abuse.  We are the only agency whose sole purpose is to prevent child abuse or neglect.  For more than 35 years we have been working to “empower families and prevent child abuse”.  We have been able to do this because of the kindness and generous support from the community.

While the numbers of children who are abused in south central Kentucky may vary from year to year, it is abundantly clear that there needs to be more services to address this critical issue.  Our new location will allow us to increase services as funds allow and help families end the cycle of violence or stop one more child from being harmed.

The beauty of this problem is that it is 100% preventable if we all work together!  We have so much hope that if we can all volunteer to help at Wee Care, read to a child, consider becoming a foster parent, take a moment to help a family who is struggling, or form a team for Mud Happens that over time we can decrease the need for Family Enrichment Center services.  We would all be happy to be told there is no need for us to do this work anymore and look forward to that day!

Learn more about the Family Enrichment Center at familyenrichmentcenter.com. Keep up to date by following our Facebookand Twitter pages.

Family Enrichment Center
1133 Adams Street
Bowling Green, KY 42101
Phone: (270) 781-6714
Toll Free:(866) 842-9032
Fax: (270) 842-5831

Email: info@familyenrichmentcenter.com

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